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Dogada Cozunen Islak Mendil

5G Tekstil , Mondi Paper Ascania Gmbh'nin gelistirdigi CAC50 teknolojisi ile uretilen Biyobozunur , guclu ve emici Spunlaced Airlaid %100 seluloz rulolarini Avrupa ve Ortadogu'da temsil etmektedir.
Avrupa'daki yeni normlar ile klasik spunlace kumaslardaki %60 Viscose %40 Polyester yerini Biobozunur CAC50 teknolojisi ile %60 Viscose %40 Seluloz kompozisyona birakiyor.

European Biodegradable Nonwoven

Islak Mendil icin Spunlaced Airlaid nonwoven  rolls

Icerik: 100% Cellulose ( %60 Viscose %40 Airlaid )

Renk: Beyaz

Doku: Duz

Gramaj: ~45-50 gsm

En: ~15-120cm

Ic Cap :7.5cm

Balkanlar, BDT ve Ortadogu dagitimi Istanbul Serbest Bolge uzerinden yapilmaktadir.

Peceta të lagura , مناديل مبللة , Թաց անձեռոցիկներ , Nəm salfetlər , Mokre maramice, Სველი ხელსახოცები , Destmalên şil , Влажни мар, амчиња , Влажне марамице , ıslak mendil

spunlace wet wipes.png

5G Tekstil Sanayi ve Ticaret Limited Sti.

| Orucreis Mah.  |  Tekstilkent  | 10ADZ073   |  Esenler Istanbul |  Turkiye

Lojistik Depo: Osmangazi Mah. 3140. Sk.  | No:1, Kirac,  |   34522 Esenyurt, Turkey

TEL:+902125062266 GSM: +90 532 7431043


About 100 % biodegradable nonwoven for wipes that is high in comfort and sustainability. 


What’s in it?  : Carded Airlaid Carded (CAC) technology for sustainable wipes.

Our newest CAC technology makes it possible to combine three layers into a highly functional biodegradable wipe. The entire sustainable nonwoven material is produced in-line, while enabling hydro-embossing to increase cleansing power. 

Two outer layers of biodegradable carded nonwovens for soft absorption with controlled liquid or lotion release rates. A binder-free airlaid pulp center for maximum absorption through the carded outer layers. 

High pressured aqua jets lock the cellulosic fiber together for bonding strength without the use of chemicals. 



Benefits & characteristics 

Mondi’s unique CAC technology was designed for 100 % sustainability and maximum performance in a nonwoven substrate for wipes: 

100 % sustainable raw materials 

The main composition of carded cellulosic fiber + airlaid pulp + carded cellulosic fiber is both biodegradable and compostable. 

Soft touch 

The carded layers on the top and bottom give a comfortable feel. Different combinations of raw material can combine to enhance required haptics. 

High absorbency 

The combination of cellulosic outer layers and a pulp middle layer allows for defined liquid absorbency. 

High-definition 3D embossing 

Our high pressured aqua jet bonding treatment combines shape and functionality. 

High lotion load and controlled release 

The middle pulp layer enhances absorption while the carded outer layers manage liquid release based on defined requirements. 


European Biodegradable Nonwoven

for Wet Wipes Spunlace Airlaid nonwoven Jumbo rolls

Composition: 100% Cellulose ( %60 Viscose %40 Airlaid )

Color: white

weight: 50 gsm

width: Between 80-1200mm


Embossing Designs 

Our use of pulp in the middle layer allows for high definition 3D embossing. 


Embossing form 

Embossing pattern 

Lotion, where it belongs

The 3-layer technology provide customisable lotion management, including absorption and release. 



Carded outer layers allow the release of liquid or lotion based on defined requirements. 

3 layer technology keeps the liquid or lotion in the wipe where it belongs. 


Hi, we are Mondi. 

For every generation: your experts in nonwovens & elastic films. 

Mondi is a leading supplier of elastic and nonwoven solutions for the hygiene industry. We offer comprehensive baby care, adult incontinence, feminine care, and nonwovens for wipes solutions that are high in performance and comfort. With our components, babies stay relaxed, women feel secure, seniors keep their dignity and you even can just wipe away little worries. 

Feminine Care: Empowered Solutions Our features increase comfort, and are silent when it matters most. Our films have a proven track record in stacking and machine proccessability, enabling an economic solution for high quality components. 

Baby Care: The comfort of simplicity Explore our wide range of soft and comfortable features ideal for baby care products. We help our customers design and produce diapers with remarkable and lasting comfort. 

Nonwoven for Wipes: A new level of flexibility Discover our highly useful, innovative and customisable solutions from mono-layer carded nonwovens and our SAC and CAC technology for a wide range of applications. The future is coming soon, as we are developing our sustainable nonwoven materials which will be 100 % biodegradable. 



Multifunctional Nonwovens for Wipes 

A new level of flexibility 

Discover Mondi SAC Spunlace Airlaid Technology for your wipes! 

We offer multifunctional nonwovens for a variety of wipe applications, from personal hygiene to surface disinfection. Our highly useful, innovative and customisable solutions help you boost market share and brand loyalty. 

The wipes market is growing rapidly as consumers are looking for convenience and time savings, which suits their flexible lifestyles. The result is an attractive growth rate with increasing opportunities in developing markets. To take advantage of the growing demand, superior quality and innovative products are necessary. Brands that provide flexibility and new forms of convenience to home users and professionals alike will see a boost in their market share. 

Useful wipes that make life more flexible. 

Better Look Customisation Highly Cost High Performance and Feeling (Mix of Materials) Efficient Compared to 

Standard Wipes 

Mondi SAC Technology: for maximum usefulness and brand loyalty. 

We offer superior quality at every production step: our inline nonwoven technology combines structural strength (spunlaid), liquid absorption (airlaid) and surface haptics (carded) to produce highly effective, easy to use and flexible wipes that set your brand apart. 

High tensile strength in both MD and CD directions Narrow MD/CD ratio for multidirectional strength High pulp content for superior liquid absorption Enhanced lotion load distribution via three layers absorption technology Increased surface bulk via hydro-embossing 

Added softness or abrasiveness via air-through bonding treatment 



Solutions for a flexible lifestyle. 

Consumers are looking for versatile products that help them with their daily routines. We help our clients design products that provide a great experience as well as flexibility that fits modern lifestyles – for maximum brand identification. 

PRODUCT NAME: TenderSmoothWipes*


• Baby Wipes • Cosmetic/Facial Wipes • Feminine Hygiene Wipes • Medical Wipes 


• Disinfection Wipes • Industrial Wipes • Household Wipes 


• Disinfection Wipes • Industrial Wipes • Household Wipes 

* Using Mondi SAC Technology 


• 3D embossing 

• Surface treatment for added softness and/ or absorption 

• Substance surface treatment (i.e. lotions) 

• Viscose blends for high absorption 

• FSC or PEFC certified pulp 

• Bico fibre option for additional softness 

• Coloured layer option • Natural material blends 

• Renewable resource blends (i.e. PLA fibres) 

• OEKO-TEX Standard 100 Certified 


TenderSmoothWipes* 45 FSC 

• 45 g/m2 • spunlaid PP • FSC-certified pulp • carded PET 

(i.e. cotton) 

PowerHoldWipes* 45 BIGDOT 

• 45 g/m2 • spunlaid PP • soft wood fluff pulp • PP-viscose carded blend • surface treatment for added absorption 

SuperCleanWipes* 40 SC 

• 40 g/m2 • spunlaid PP • PP-viscose carded blend 

Innovation that drives differentiation. 

Broad expertise and experience with state-of-the-art technologies makes Mondi the ideal partner for creating useful products your customers won’t want to live without. 

High strength and absorption Flexible applications and options Economic and custom-made solutions Local production and global supply-chain High performance fibre blends 


Mondi – a strategic partner for future growth. 

Mondi is globally renowned for its qua- lity and innovative drive. We help our customers create outstanding products for their target groups at a competitive price – boosting market share in growing, innovation-driven markets. Our offers for the wipes market are as flexible as the applications, ranging from personal care 

to cleaning. Because of our vast industry knowledge and technical expertise, we understand your needs and specifications so that we can guarantee performance as well as effective supply and value chains. We collaborate with our clients to create a cost-effective, easy to implement strate- gic product plan for maximum impact. 

Mondi strives to pioneer innovation and deliver exceptional quality. 

Comprehensive solutions for wipes* 

Resins Filament Spunlaid Airlaid Carded Spunlace Drying SAC 

Spinning Layer Layer Layer 


* With Mondi SAC Technology includes inline Spunlaid-Airlaid-Carded processes 

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